'Rainforest Mist' 8 oz


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Our 'Rainforest Mist' Candle evokes the lush, verdant atmosphere of temperate rainforest within the Cascadia region. Its complex blend of botanical fragrances creates a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere in any space.

Our candles are eco-friendly & cruelty free.

Burn time: 54 hours


  • oakmoss
  • rain 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Nic Nelson
    My new favorite candle scent!

    I love this aroma! It's medium-strong, complex, and seems to be both relaxing and awakening at the same time... hard to pin down. Like when you're at peace and paying close attention at the same time. Pretty damn zen. Perfect for getting into a writing fugue.
    Also, the wax and wick must be very high quality: I forgot to blow it out the first night and it burned all night, at least ten hours, and the wax level only dropped maybe a quarter inch at most, and the wick was still in good shape. I only needed to pinch off a little crusty curl from the end after it cooled and dried. No bits of charred wick floating in the wax either.
    Other candles do NOT fare so well, in my unfortunately-extensive experience with leaving candles lit for 6+ hours at a time.
    (I will treat my Kemetic candles better in the future! Or try to! But it's clear evidence of their high quality, & worth sharing)

    Felicia Mitchell
    Smells so Good

    My candles have such a beautiful fragrance. I have rainforest mist, and I just love the smell and the small details in the wax.

    Matthew Bonna
    Excellent Candle!!

    This high quality candle was delivered quickly and is a great addition to my office desk. Would highly reccomend.

    Erica Cortez
    very balanced & refreshing!

    I keep my candle in the kitchen of my studio apartment. My whole space smells amazing while it's lit! Also when it's not, which is surprisingly awesome