On February 20th, 2023 Kemetic Candle Co. was officially launched & introduced to the world. After two years of hard work, planning, preparation, and lastly craft mastery. We had decided to share our gift and passion with everyone. 

Due to the enormously positive response. We completely sold out on day 1. Additional inventory was made and we sold out again on day 2. Earlier on launch day our company went viral on Linkedin. The launch post received almost 1 Million views, 10,000+ likes, 500+ comments & shares.   

Candles were shipped all across the United States from our headquarters here in Seattle, Washington. Chicago, New York City, Orlando, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, Locally here in Seattle, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maine, and Portland. 

We are overjoyed to share this moment with all of our supporters. During this restock, we are taking the time to reflect on our demand and, how to best meet the needs of every single one of you. Thank you to our present and future supporters. Getting to serve each of you gives the chance for Kemetic Candle Co. to represent something bigger. We are representing the ability to dream, take risks, and bring people from all backgrounds together. 

Welcome to Kemetic Candle Co. where we are changing the world one candle at a time. Let the aroma flow. 


Founder, John West, Kemetic Candle Co. 


John West